Brentwood Climate Action’s vision is for a carbon neutral, climate, nature and environment friendly Brentwood by 2030


Inform local stakeholders, citizens and young people about the climate emergency and the potential for climate action

Speaking Truth To Power

Challenge government, business & civil society on the actions they must take to deal with the climate emergency


Engage with a wide range of people across all organisations wishing to take action to tackle the climate emergency

Details of our next meeting coming soon

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A local solution to a global crisis

Brentwood Climate Action is made up of people like you – working together to make our community more climate-friendly and environmentally-conscious.

The group was launched in August 2021 – recognising a growing need to raise awareness across the Brentwood area of the threat of the Climate Emergency, and the need for community-wide climate action in the Borough.

You can help by making a donation today – to see Brentwood Climate Action be the focus for community-wide action to tackle the climate emergency.

Brentwood Climate Action Brentwood high street

Brentwood Climate Action's key asks
of Brentwood Borough Council

Donate to take Climate Action

Brentwood Climate Action reboot meeting October 20th

Brentwood Climate Action AGM report

The Brentwood Climate Action 2023 AGM took place on Friday October 20, and saw a new constitution adopted, with Susan ...
Brentwood Climate Action reboot meeting October 20th

Brentwood Climate Action reboot Oct 20th

To all Brentwood Climate Action members from Susan Kortlandt, Chair, BCA - October 2023 Dear member, It’s been a while ...

Become a Member - join us at Brentwood Climate Action

Our aim is to make change happen at every level across society in the Brentwood area

WHY our
action MATTERS

We want to share as much knowledge and information as possible with Brentwood Climate Action members and the Brentwood public.

We plan to run campaigns and events to support and challenge all in power to take stronger climate action, to achieve our vision for the Borough.

We aim to raise awareness of our vision and objectives, and the challenges we all face through ongoing publicity of Brentwood Climate Action’s events and activities – and we need your help!

All our members can help by working to spread the message, signing our Petition calling for a Climate Emergency Declaration in Brentwood, and encouraging new members to join and take action.

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